Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to you and your child. We hope that your child will feel safe and happy with us. Shemrock Wonders Preschool ,Kharar  is “A School that cares”. Education at Shemrock Wonders Preschool means “Education for life.” Personal attention, stress on good habits, etiquettes and manners that help to solve the difficulties of children are the special hallmarks of Shemrock. Parents appreciate having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that children are being supervised and taught by caring, capable, supportive and loving staff in a safe and happy environment. A wide range of activities are included in their schedule like singing, listening stories, plays, puppet shows, nature walks, and outdoor games etc that prude opportunities for creativity, physical coordination, emotional maturity and practical and social skills.


Childhood is a time for fun and while learning at Shemrock Wonders Pre school children’s minds are sharpened, energy is channelized and potential is fully developed through a variety of purposeful activation. At Shemrock Wonders Preschool, the total programme is play oriented.